Full Planning

Ways to Work Together

The Sea and Tree full-service planning tiers are based on projections of your entire wedding day budget and are fully inclusive of my service fees.

The tiers are all customisable jumping off points for me, so I can showcase the best venues and vendors for you, after we’ve had a chat about your vision.

If you book in one tier and feel that another suits you and your partner better down the line, then we can make adjustments, so there really is no need to worry. Just select the tier that you feel suits your budget right now and we can create the perfect combination of vendors to bring your staycation wedding to life.

Each tier is fully customisable and will offer you a unique staycation wedding experience. Regardless of which tier you select, you will have access to all the premium venues and vendors here on the Mid-North Coast. It is completely up to you how you spend your allocated tiers’ budget and it is my job to take the tier you select and execute your vision.

Starting from $50,000

Starting from $40,000

Starting from $30,000