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February 4, 2021

Why Hiring a Planner Can Save You Money!

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Hiring a planner can seem an expensive and unnecessary purchase, especially at the moment given the unpredictable nature of covid-19 and the constant moving of dates and changing of suppliers, but that is also the exact reason why hiring a planner is now more necessary than ever before

When you’re planning a wedding especially in these uncertain times it can be daunting to know whether to book vendors early and hope for the best or wait until closer to the date and have your fingers (and toes) crossed that the suppliers you want are available. There is also the added stress of losing deposits, having to organise refunds and finding new or additional vendors

Then on top of all of that, if you’re considering hiring a wedding planner, the idea of handing over even more money to a stranger, to handle your wedding on your behalf, can be an added layer of stress, especially when the amount quoted can seem so large in comparison to your overall budget or how much you have already spent.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Have you heard the old saying “you need to spend money to make money”? Well while hiring a planner won’t make you money it will definitely make you more profitable when it comes to managing the process of planning a wedding!

When you hire a planner, you’re not just hiring a person to manage the logistics of your wedding day, you are hiring a person to manage the logistics of the process – the cancelations, the re-booking dates, the rescheduling of venues and the managing of refunds (including those awkward conversations)

But what a planner offers you the most, on top of all this management, is the value of accountability! Afterall you’re no longer managing the stress of making those calls, or asking for refunds or to postpone, or researching new suppliers or booking a new venue – your planner is doing that for you and that is where that cost becomes priceless!

You no longer have to stress about a covid-19 outbreak or a border closure or tightened restrictions because it’s now your planner’s job to worry about those things and that’s before you even consider the management required to bring all these elements together on your wedding day and ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

So, what might seem like an overly large investment on top of your budget now will actually save you time and potentially money (as planners, we are often able to negotiate conditions and arrangements that couples on their own aren’t able to) leading into your wedding day!

If you would like more information on how I can help you relieve the stress of managing this current covid-19 climate you can visit the Sea and Tree Weddings services page

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