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September 25, 2020

Current NSW Covid-19 Restrictions: As of 25 September 2020

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Yesterday the NSW Government announced some changes to covid-19 restrictions for weddings.

Here are the latest updates and some insight into what they mean for your wedding planning:

Up to 150 ceremony guests in a place of worship

This is the current maximum number of guests including children that can attend a ceremony in a place of worship.

The 1 person per 4 square metre rule applies for social distancing.

Up to 150 reception guests

This is the current maximum number of guests including children that can attend reception at a venue.

The 1 person per 4 square metre rule applies for social distancing.

Venues can now exceed limits for future bookings

Venues can now take bookings for weddings with a guest list beyond 150 people.

On the day of the wedding the venue must adhere to the current restrictions – whatever they may be – so guest numbers may be restricted if the maximum limit changes on or before your wedding day.

Up to 20 people in the official wedding party are allowed to dance

A maximum of 20 wedding party members may rotate dancing.

Only the wedding party are currently allowed to dance.

Guests are still not permitted to dance – this would include family members as they are outside the wedding party.

No more than 10 people per table at reception

A maximum of 10 guests per table.

It is advised that guests from the same household be seated together.

Still no mingling – guests must remain seated.

All guests must provide their name and contact details for contact tracing

This can be done using a QR Code (available from the NSW government site).

If a hard copy logbook is going to be used pens must be sterilised regularly.

All guests must advise if they have been ill leading up to the wedding

If a guest has been ill leading up to the wedding, they are required to have a covid-19 test and have clearance before they can attend the wedding.

Other Factors to Consider:

Consider taking photographs before the ceremony instead of in between the ceremony and reception

This is not compulsory it is an advisory suggestion from the NSW Government to limit guests being in physical contact for extended periods.

Consider alternatives to physical gifts and guest books 

This is not compulsory it is a suggestion to prevent contact with the covid-19 on surfaces that may have a large number of possible transmissions.

For more information visit or your state or territories government site.

If you have any questions or concerns about how you might implement or manage these restrictions on the day of your wedding you can book a consultation with me using the contact form on the website

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