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September 17, 2020

Custom Quoting: Why You Shouldn’t Be Put Off

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

I know we all love to see what something is going to cost us. I know I often find myself searching for a minimum price to know if I’m in the right place or if this product is right for me but if you’re considering hiring a wedding planner there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be scared off by the words “custom quoted”.

Wedding Planning is a Service not a Product

It is far easier to quote the price of a tangible item that has been manufactured as the calculation into the cost of materials and production are taken into account when making up the final figure. But when we’re talking about a service provided to you a lot more time is needed to calculate the size and complexity of the task.

This is absolutely the case for planning your wedding. As a planner I know the approximate number of hours it takes to source venues and suppliers for a couple, the number of hours required to prepare a proposal and manage the booking process as well as the number of hours dedicated to follow ups, check ins and all around communications with these suppliers. Not to mention the hours required on the day to manage the successful execution of the wedding day itself.

But every wedding is different, and every couple has different variables in taste, styling, guest numbers, ceremony and reception choices and the list goes on. So, the number of approximate hours can go up and down considerably depending on the needs of the couple.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

You don’t want the stock standard – It’s your wedding

Taking into account what I’ve listed above you wouldn’t want to just be given a basic package list of ‘here is what I offer’ and have to deal with it would you? Of course not, this is the most exciting day of your lives and you want your quote to reflect your uniqueness as a couple and be able to customise it to your needs.

It takes time to calculate how to meet these individual needs and create a quote that is fair to both the couple and the planner and having a quote that is unique to your wedding requirements reflects that time.

You get what you pay for

If you opt for a comprehensive package for a specific dollar amount you are going to be getting what you paid for. These packages are often put together for mass purchase and reflect more of a product nature than a service. You lose that customisation (unless you are willing to pay for upgrades) and you lose that individually tailored service that a custom quoted service will provide you.

What you’re purchasing when you hire a planner

When you decide to hire a planner, you’re providing yourself one of the most valuable experiences a couple can have in the wedding planning process – a stress free experience! It seems like a large investment at the beginning of your journey but what hiring a planner does, is give you back your time and alleviates your stress. You’re no longer worrying about a supplier that won’t reply to your emails or how you will inform the venue that there is yet another guest cancellation or who you will trust to manage everything on the day because your wedding planner does all those things for you. Your only job then is to sit back and relax knowing that all this is being taken care of for you!

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

What do I do Differently?

When I custom quote I take into consideration all your unique requirements and provide an honest representation of how much time it will take me to deliver you the perfect wedding planning experience. This extends from the initial selecting of your venue and suppliers through to the management of all administration tasks culminating in bringing your team together on the day to execute your dream wedding. 

So, when you read the word custom quote this reflects the love and attention put into making sure the service I’m providing you, is exactly what you need, so you don’t have to upgrade to it later. You know that this quote has been created specifically for you and your partner reflecting your vision and desires for your special day.

To find out more about the types of services I offer you can visit the services page on the website

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