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September 11, 2020

Staycation Weddings: The New Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

There is something really exciting and special about destination weddings. Packing up your friends and family or just yourselves and jumping on a plane to an exotic location, far from the busyness and stress of your everyday life – what wouldn’t be more magical than that?

How about staycations where you pack everything up in the car and drive a couple of hours away for a romantic weekend break just the two of you? When was the last time you did something like that?

Unfortunately, travel hasn’t been the easiest venture of late with the constantly changing restrictions and border closures but there is still hope if you’re planning your wedding and are looking for a destination option: The Staycation Wedding.

What is a Staycation Wedding?

Simply put a Staycation Wedding is a wedding vacation or wedding holiday. 

Isn’t that what a destination wedding is? 

The answer is yes and no:

Yes: A staycation wedding requires you to head to another place to get married, but the term destination wedding, is mostly associated with going overseas – which is no small feat from Australia.

No: A staycation wedding doesn’t require you to go overseas. Instead you travel to a place just a short drive or flight from your local area for a few days (I always recommend 4-5) to get married – like a quick mini break or a weekender.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Who would get the most out of a staycation wedding?

  • If you really wanted to have a destination wedding but can’t travel overseas due to the covid-19 restrictions.
  • If you want your family and friends to attend, given the nature of our current climate it would be easier for them to attend a staycation wedding close to home.
  • Perhaps you’re considering an elopement or an intimate wedding and are looking to get away to celebrate your wedding.
  • If you aren’t planning on taking time off before or after your wedding – at least you would have a short break to recharge before returning to work business as usual.
  • If you can’t take a honeymoon right now but would like a few cooling off days after your wedding.

Why do you need a planner for a staycation wedding?

Well, if you’re super organised, are happy to do all the research from out of the area and travel regularly to the destination to meet with vendors then the answer is you don’t! 

But as we all lead busy lives that’s not always possible. Hiring a planner to do all the legwork for you and to keep you on track means you can show up for your wedding know everything is under control and you and your guests can just enjoy yourselves.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Why Sea and Tree Weddings?

Do you dream of getting married by the sea listening to the sound of waves lapping the shoreline or in a tropical rainforest surrounded by a serenade of birds as the breeze rustles the palm fronds? Or perhaps you would love to be surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush, so wherever you look you’re taking in the stunning natural landscape? 

Well this is the experience being offered by Sea and Tree Weddings. Showcasing the stunning Mid-North Coast from Forster to Port Macquarie, you will be able to escape and unwind on your staycation destination wedding.If you would like more information about the Sea and Tree Staycation Wedding Experience visit the services page of the website

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