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September 4, 2020

Wedding Planning: Embrace the New Normal

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Wedding planning in 2020 has been very different from any other year in modern history! The way we used to approach a wedding has been thrown on its head and now we are left with a climate of confusion, doubt and anxiety where we once had joy, excitement and celebration.

Accepting that this climate of social distancing and varying restrictions is part of our lives now, is certainly not an easy pill to swallow especially when the old way was so beloved. But unfortunately, at least for the foreseeable future this is the new normal.

So if you are currently planning your wedding you have to ask yourself ‘do you want to be proactive, embrace the new norm and get married’ or ‘do you want to wait it out (for potentially years) and stay engaged’.

The days of 100 plus guests are behind us right now, as is the celebration of a wedding. Current covid-19 restrictions prohibit guests from standing and mingling, let along dancing and social distancing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

All hope is not lost however, you do have options. Couples are now beginning to embrace the intimate or micro wedding of no more than 40 guests and elopements are expanding from just the couple to around 20 guests.

Shifting your mindset from a huge celebration to a more intimate affair is a great way to turn this negative climate into a positive and take advantage of the opportunity. 

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Downsizing your wedding has multiple benefits: 

  1. It’s going to save you money

Bottom line: less guests is less money per head. Working with a smaller guest list allocates more of your budget to things you might have had to say ‘no’ to such as having a videographer or a photobooth because the money was tied up in feeding your guests.

2. You can do something more adventurous

A smaller guest list opens up the opportunity to have a destination wedding. You can now invest in extending your accommodation on your honeymoon or move the location entirely, while still celebrating your marriage. And less guests means less people to manage at a destination location. Also note that destination doesn’t mean overseas you can have a destination wedding anywhere that isn’t where you live.

3. The focus shifts from the guests back to you both

When you stop thinking about your guest numbers and you consider an intimate wedding suddenly the focus is back on your marriage and connectedness and not on the number of guests you’re having. This connectedness is what makes a micro wedding or elopement so special – it really is about the two of you and not the size of the celebration.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

In this time of uncertainty being proactive with your wedding planning and embracing that this is the new normal then moving forward with a new focus will bring you both joy because you’re taking back control of your wedding day.

If you’re interested in learning more about micro weddings or elopements please visit the website to organise a chat with me to see how I can help you plan your intimate wedding.

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