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August 28, 2020

Elopements: Why You Should Consider Eloping!

Destination Wedding Planner NSW
Consider an Elopement

Covid-19 has really tested the world in 2020 and has made planning a wedding additionally stressful and problematic – and that is the understatement of the century!

During all the chaos and restrictions and constantly changing rules, it’s been quite a hard road to navigate and as such the dreams of your perfect wedding can seem further and further out of reach.

When you and your partner got engaged you would have been a flurry of excitement and joy that you two would be spending the rest of your lives together – you’re going to get married! In those initial moments you weren’t thinking about having a wedding, you were focused on each other and the adventure you’re about to embark on together. 

So, don’t let covid-19 make you loose sight of that focus instead why not take back some control, ELOPE and get married now – the rest will sort itself out!

Destination Wedding NSW
Eloping brings back the joy of when you said ‘yes’!

Elopements aren’t what they used to be. Traditionally elopements were for couples escaping the planning process or the wrath of their disapproving families but that’s just not the case anymore.

Now eloping is all about having an intimate ceremony and reception (if you wish) with just a handful of guests or none at all, where you can both just be together, in the moment, where the focus is on your lovenot on the wedding day event.

Not that your wedding isn’t important – it’s something that should definitely be celebrated! But unfortunately, covid-19 restrictions are sucking the joy out of what should be an extremely joyous event! 

Between restrictions on travel interstate (don’t even get me started on international) and occupancy and social distancing laws, you’re left with guests who must sit with their immediate family who can’t get up and mingle, let alone dance – that doesn’t sound like much of a celebration to me!

Of course, you can postpone your wedding day until after the restrictions are lifted but inevitably, you’re postponing the day you get married and after all isn’t that why we have a wedding in the first place?

Destination Wedding Planner NSW
Elope and get married now!

Eloping doesn’t turn your back on your wedding day – you can still have that celebration as a vow renewal or as a 1st wedding anniversary party post covid, but what eloping gives you now is the joy you felt when you said ‘yes’ and the adventure of marriage you both excitedly set out on together.If you’re curious about how I can help you plan a staycation elopement here on the Mid-North Coast visit the services page on the website for more information

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