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March 29, 2020

The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

In 2019 a study found that couples spent an average of 528 hours or 22 full days planning their wedding! Most of us don’t have that much free time to put into anything let alone the biggest event of our lives. So here are some reasons why hiring a planner can definitely help.

Time saved

This is an obvious one after reading that shocking stat above! Passing the reins across to a planner will free up your life for other things. A planner will reduce the number of hours you spent planning your wedding by at least half!

Established vendor relationships

Wedding planners have established relationships with venues and vendors making the processes of communication much easier. On top of these they have scouted out the best venues for you in advance, so you know you are going to get a beautiful day with quality vendors who your planner has confidence in – you’re not taking a stab in the dark on your own.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

Admin sorted

As a wedding planner I can tell you we’re all about organisation! Being on top of things is what we do for a living so when you hire a planner you know that they’ll keep track of every appointment, payment and detail for you. Planners also act as a go between for couples and vendors so you don’t have to worry about receiving timely email responses or not having your questions and queries answered because your planner will either answer them for you or will contact the vendors on your behalf.

Destination Wedding Planner NSW

On the day coordination

On the day of your wedding you will know you have a coordinator who has been with you through your whole planning journey. You planner has learnt your vision and has expressed it to your vendors. On the day they’ll ensure it comes to fruition so you can relax and enjoy without any concerns that your flowers haven’t arrive or your reception isn’t styled to your liking.

Hiring a planner will take the time and stress out of the whole wedding planning process so that you and your partner can simply enjoy it all from your engagement to your first wedding anniversary.

So why not check out my planning services on the website at and see how I can help you plan your special day.

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